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What we do?

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The School Adjustment Counselors in Westminster focus on helping to ensure the social and emotional health of all the students. They work with teachers in classrooms, with small groups of children, and have individual meetings with students and parents. Our aim is to help children be successful academically, personally, and socially and above all to enjoy school.




Individual Counseling
Students are seen for a variety of issues including feelings of anxiety or sadness, coping with an unexpected event, problems with peers, worry about leaving home, or needing help with positive decision making and good behavioral choices. We provide support and help developing positive coping skills. Requests for counseling support may come from teachers, parents, and students themselves when a concern is interfering with the child’s functioning at school.

Group Work
Children may be paired with a peer or grouped in a “lunch bunch” for counseling meetings.  Getting support from peers, giving advice to a peer, and not feeling alone are learning opportunities for all.

Parent and Teacher Consultation
Both teachers and parents may have questions about a child's development and we can provide consultation and advice about ways to best help a student. We can also provide a link to additional community resources and act as a liaison with those professionals when necessary.

Classroom work
Both schools use the Responsive Classroom approach that incorporates students' social and emotional growth into their academic learning. School Counselors may join for Morning Meeting and share a brief lesson on a topic such as mindfulness, bullying prevention, or kindness.

List of local providers: see attached below under Mental Health Resources
For additional and up-to-date resources feel free to call our office at WES: 978.874.2043 MHS: 978.874.0163
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