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WES Extra Curricular

WES Student Council Committee

Student councils are a great way for students to take on leadership roles, promote the voice of the student body, problem-solve, and impact his or her community.

For more information contact Mrs. Litalien at [email protected]

WES Music Program 

The WES Music program allows students to try something new and develop confidence as they master singing or playing an instrument. “When students are working towards a common goal, they appreciate that their 'voice' and interests are heard and understood by others.

Contact Mr. Lucander at [email protected] or visit our band webpage for further details

Technology/Engineering Club

With an ever-increasing amount of students taking an interest in technology, we provide tech clubs to empower them and allow them to understand how and why things work. Building technical and creative confidence, the club equips children with the ability to solve real-world problems on their own.

For more information, contact the WES Extended Program or Mrs. Breen at [email protected]

WES Drama Club

Our drama club builds confidence, helps with concentration, language, and communication development encourages children to cooperate and supports numeracy skills.

For more information contact Ms. Banning at [email protected]

Westminster Youth Playhouse Presents: 
2019- 2020 production of Ten Little Ladybugs