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Music Meister Mr. Lucander

Welcome to the Ashburnham-Westminster Regional School District Instrumental Music Program. The Instrumental Program is offered to our students in Grades 3, 4, and 5 in Westminster Elementary Schools. There are two basic parts of each school's instrumental music program. First, each elementary school in our district works to provide the best possible instrumental music education by offering each student instrumental lessons that also help to develop individual skills needed to maintain various national and state standards. The program also offers students a chance to perform in the concert band ensemble. The band performs a wide variety of literature that is both educational and entertaining for the students.
For more information contact:
Mrs. Jean Popik - Westminster Elementary School Assistant Band Director [email protected]
Mr. Kris Lucander- Westminster Elementary School Music Teacher [email protected] 

 WES Music Program

3/17 A Band -District Band Night at ORHS 6:30 pm (also rehearsal in the afternoon)

3/22 Chorus -District Chorus Night at ORHS 6:30 pm (also rehearsal in the afternoon)

4/14 Jazz Band -District Jazz Night at ORHS 6:30 pm (short rehearsal before the concert)

5/5 WES Celebration Creation Night -Possible Jazz Band performance at 6 pm-6:30 pm

4/27 MHS Grade K/1 -MHS Memorial Day Program TBD

4/27 A Band -WES Memorial Day Program TBD

5/30 A Band -Memorial Day Parade (Academy Hill)

6/8 Spring Concert -A Band/Chorus/Jazz Band

-Concert 1 at WES 9 am

-Concert 2 at Location either ORHS or Monty Tech (TBD) at 6:30 pm

*NOTE – Spring Concert Date may change to a later date if the school year extends enough due to snow days.