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Student Handbook - Introduction



Student Handbook 


Message from the Principal 

Welcome to the Westminster School Community. It is the goal of our entire School Community to help every student have a happy and productive childhood.  Whether your child is at Meetinghouse School (PreK - Grade 1) or Westminster Elementary School (Grade 2 through Grade 5), he/she will be  surrounded by adults who will do their best to help achieve this goal. We take great pride in our work, our school and our town.

Vision Statement – Meetinghouse / Westminster Elementary School 

“Our school community is a place where all its members feel safe, cared for and valued. Diversity is celebrated, respected and supported, with equal access  to knowledge for all. 

Our school community will foster excitement about learning as a life-long process. As partners in education, we will work to develop critical thinking skills,  creativity and the ability to work cooperatively. We will promote the exploration and understanding of ourselves and the world around us. 

Members of our school community, students, educators, parents and the community at large, will be well-prepared for life and livelihood and able to meet the  challenges and opportunities of the future.” 

Mission Statement – Meetinghouse / Westminster Elementary School 

“The mission of the Meetinghouse School is to provide the highest quality education for all of our children in a safe and positive environment.”  

“The mission of the Westminster Elementary School is to provide high expectations and challenging learning experiences for all of our students in a safe  and positive environment.”  

AWRSD Vision Statement 

The Ashburnham Westminster Regional School District prepares all students to be contributing citizens of local and global societies in  an ever-changing world.  

AWRSD Mission Statement 

At Ashburnham Westminster Regional School District, we focus on doing what is best for students to meet their academic and social emotional needs to thrive in a global society through: 

academically challenging curriculum; 

community and civic engagement;  

continuous, responsible use of all resources and evolving technology; 

high quality, ongoing, focused professional development for staff; 

real world applications; 

reflection for continuous improvement; 

research based and data driven instructional practices; 

resilient, solution-based mindsets; and 

student input and ownership.

School Improvement Plan  

Under the Mass. Education Reform law, each public school in the Commonwealth annually revises and submits its School Improvement Plan to the local  School Committee. The following goals are the focus of the School Improvement Council (SIC). The entire action plan is available in the school office for all  to review, or from a SIC or faculty member. The School Council will be addressing new plans for the future. 

School Improvement Plan Goals 

  1. During the 2019-2022 school years the Westminster Elementary and Meetinghouse Schools will improve the quality of students' writing across all grade levels as measured by 6 + 1 Traits of Writing rubric.
  2. Design and implement an instructional program for grades 3-5 to address social media safety and the ethical use of technology to promote responsible digital citizenship.
  3. Promote the social and the emotional development of all students by creating opportunities that improve achievement, increase prosocial behaviors, and reduce disruptive behaviors and stress among students.